Feb 20, 2009

More photo editing...

I used similar photo as the one that have been posted before....This time it is a combination of 2 image editing softwares...photoshop & photoscape...the image was retouched using photoshop and enhanced by photoscape....well, let's take a look!!

Feb 17, 2009

Another photo editing work!!

I'm addicted to photo editing nowadays...though it's far from the one made by professionals....somehow I love to do it...!!

This time I used photoscape to do this editing....I just added border & some texts....don't need to edit anything on the picture itself coz we were slimmer during that time....wish could turn back time, back into a thinner me....except a little adjustment on the contrast, colour etc. Comments please....

Feb 7, 2009

Congratulations, Azie!!

Congratulations!! Cute sgt anak ko!! Nama pn panjang lebar, Haifa Husna Azzahra...ala2 Arab gitu...tapi nama2 kite sume pun mmg nama Arab pn kan?? Nurul Hidayah, Nor Azimah, Nur Amalina...kalo pakai nama melayu, sure la yg kuar tu nnt, Melati ke, Mawar ke, tu pn dh kire curik nama bunga...yg penting, ape makne nama anak ko tu azie??

Haifa: ???
Husna : Ketenangan (rasenye)
Azzahra :diambil sempena nama puteri Rasulullah, Fatimah Azzahra (tapi x ingat maksudnye)

Tahniah sekali lagi. Moga anak ko membesar dgn sihat n jadi perempuan yg solehah....