Dec 30, 2008

MCF:Return to Ravenhearst

I managed to complete this game fact I believe that this is the best one among all case file games that I've played...even though it took longer than I expected and with a few cheats....I have completed it...Hoorray to me!! The truth is, I have a mini thesis to be submitted with 20% completed...but, what should I do?? This game is more important than my thesis...I shouldn't say that, should I??
But really, if u love PC games, I really recommend this one....of course u need to do a few thinking....and that what makes it really fun..try it!!!


Prof Azie said...

best sgt ker? aku dah lama x main game..sejak2 ngandung....lama x?

HidayaH said...

org yg penyabar cm aku jer yg leh main game nih....ko nk main leh, tp aku takut ko terbersalin plak time main game nih nnt....hehe