Nov 12, 2009

Weight loss program

Seriously, the current me is bigger than me during the time I was studying in UiTM. Most probably bigger than when I was in KYPM Bangi. Just imagine, from 50 - 52 kg, I have gained around 12 to 15 kg at the time I worked with TNEC. The saddest part is I didn't even realized it. I kept saying to myself that it wasn't a big deal. It always fluctuate and it will never go up to more than 55 kg, I said. I must say, what a fool I have been. I shouldn't have think that and when I realized, it was too late. It was hard to reduce and it wasn't the same as the time I was in UiTM where my weight fluctuated but always go back to its usual state when a new semester begins. Then I kept wondering why won't it decrease.

Looking at me, having a hard time to lose weight, my mother offered me, London Weight Management and the cost will be fully covered by her. It was tempting but I didn't buy it. Why? I know my mom and most importantly this one burden wasn't hers to bear. Besides, I was determined to prove that slimming centres aren't the only solution available. So, what did I do? As a start, I cut my food intake daily to half. No more heavy breakfast. Goodbye nasi lemak, welcome oat. As for lunch & dinner, I take half cup rice with white meat and vegetables until today. However the progress was a bit slow. Then, I started working out. Fastwalking had become a must-do activity in the evening, everyday. To tell you the truth, I had a hard time to reduce a kilogram of weight. As I started to give up, good news came out. Despite of a slight changes in my weight, I managed to wear haf of my old clothes especially my old slacks. Exactly after three months of training, I stopped because of my skin tone. It was uneven and darker than usual.
Today, after almost five months, almost all of my old clothes fit perfectly except the pink kebaya that I wore on my graduation day. My current weight has maintained but I'm determined to shred a few more kilos before my 'big day' otherwise the ring won't fit.
That's all, thank you for reading.


amalina said...

tak dapat la nak control makan mcm awk buat. i haven't been able to shed much of my pregnancy weight. i also have hunger pangs (probably coz breastfeeding makes me hungrier easily?). pastu, saya slalu balik kerja dah gelap, cam ne nak bersenam bdisiplin mcm awk.

kalau pergi slimworld, agak2 brp kena ek?

Me said...

hehe, dan akhirnya cik dayah dah berjaya menurunkan berat badannya.. TAHNIAH cik dayah

amalina said... dayah ni kata berat naik. tgk waktu wedding tu, ok je. sha pun kata tak de pun nampak mcm naik.

MisS tWiLighT said...

bestnyer pn nk turunkn bert bdn tp cm ssah lpas tgk ape yg jd kt nk try jgk la diet n exercise...doakn sy berjye...huhu