Nov 10, 2011

My Mock Viva

Everything went well lately...I got my viva date, finally! huh! My mock viva? Not so well....I got to hear a lot of evil critiques (ha! ha! ha!) from the fellow lecturers who listened for my mock viva presentation just before the Raya heart wasn't there, ok? and I didn't get enough time to prepare for the presentation....I was expecting the worst, so the critiques were some sort of entering through my right ear and leaving through the left ear....sorry...I don't take it to the heart....I got the notice about four the days before my presentation and they were expecting me to prepare for both thesis summary and presentation slides, which I prepared with half of my heart (less than half actually!)....I must admit! it was my fault, I should be readily prepared, I shouldn't have wait for the date to come and then getting ready for is my work, it should already been at my fingertips....when they were asking questions, the answer should be popped out of my mouth instantly! there, my confidence level suddenly dropped....I went blank in front of them...nothing came out of my mouth smoothly....if that was my real viva, I will surely have to reviva....hope I will do well than this...well enough for me to continue further....I've already secured a place....I don't want anything to come before it! Insya Allah....

Please pray for me!
29 Nov, here I come!

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jie said...

gud luck dayah.