Aug 16, 2010

New Quest!

This is Ramadhan. A fasting month! :) Guess what? I'm starting a new quest!! While everybody is thinking of multiplying their ibadah, which is more than good, I was thinking of the same but with an addition. It isn't a priority, but I want to make it as a segment of my aspirations for this Ramadhan. So, what is the quest? What else? Yup! Weight loss!! I want to try shredding a few kilos of my body weight. If I manage to shake off up to 10% of my body weight, that will be good enough for me. Losing weight is not really important. The most important thing is creating new eating habits, so that I can gradually losing weight. I fear that my current eating habits and cravings is leading me to creating an unhealthy lifestyle. After fasting for 5 days, I must say that the quest is a success but with exceptions. Why? Here is the reason. As soon as I go back to my mama's house in Klang, I eat more than usual. This happens everytime. Maybe, this my way of expressing my longing for her cookings. Nothing's compared to hers plus I need to award myself!! After working hard, this is the best prize, mama's cookings.
I will update the result later, whether it is really a success or not. Until today, I am able to cut down carbs intake to half. If before this, I eat 4 to 6 cups of rice per day, for the past 5 days, I took half cup for sahur and another half for berbuka. I increased plain water, vegetables and fruits intake. I eat rutab or tamar before every meal. Then, I started exercising. Light exercising, 10 min a day, for a beginning. I plan to gradually increase it.
I really hope this will work. Insya Allah.

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