Feb 20, 2011

thinking to cook these....

I love cooking and looking at gorgeous beautiful food. My interest in food and cooking is suddenly growing tremendously after watching Junior Masterchef Australia. These tiny kids are challenging me. Haha...As a start, I am going to try these recipes which you can find these recipes here. Oooopppps...saliva is coming out!! Hehe...

Prawn Scotch Eggs with Coconut, Chilli Sambal
 I think I'm going to make my own version of sambal because I don't think I can eat this one.

Sausage Rolls with Hidden Vegetables

I think this dish is suitable for my husband because he loves sausage rolls.

All images in this entry are taken from the Junior Masterchef Australia web page. I might modify these dishes a little bit, but credit goes to JMCA.

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