Mar 27, 2011

Jakel vs Nagoya

I've never really like buying cloths at Jakel. The first time I set my foot inside, I was surprised. There was too many people inside looking and choosing variety fabrics. Looking at these people, I started suffocating and choosing a fabric has became almost impossible for me and my mom. As we (my mom & I) started walking around, a salesgirl started following us. I don't really mind if she was just following us around, but the she started pushing us on buying this and that. Being in that situation has suffocated me even more and in the end, we got out of the the store buying nothing. Last Saturday, I went to the store again, with my mom in law and this time in Shah Alam. Although there are less people here, I still can't bring myself to buy even a single fabric. The salespersons are still pushy as usual which I don't like. As a buyer, I need time to carefully think before purchasing something and with them pushing around, how can I make a choice? I know that it is their job to persuade customer into buying but sometimes it is annoying when they don't let us think. Purchasing something without thinking is definitely not an option.

On the next day, I went to Nagoya Textiles and for the record, with my husband, not my mother. Okey, I never go to any textile stores without my mother. Mama is my best shopping buddy even after I got married. Yes, I bought fabrics for hari raya last year with my mother instead of mrwan. Well, fabric shopping for the first time with mrwan was fun. Why? When asking for his opinion, which one is prettier, he will casually answer, just take both. True, why bother when I wasn't the who is paying (sbb saya adalah penganggur terhormat)....hahahaha....tapi saya tetap pilih, he was kind enough to follow me around until I made up my mind. I really appreciate that.

Several reasons why I don't like shopping at Jakel:
  1. The Prices - I can get at least two 4 metres fabrics at their prices
  2. The Colours - the colour combination doesn't fit me
  3. The Workers - they are a bit pushy because there are too many of them  and they need to grab whoever walks in front


Anonymous said...

i agree.
i experience the same feeling.
and nogoya offers better range of textile, i think. jakel are just too "flowery"..

Syirah Roslan said...

Great experience sharing. My preference has always been Nagoya